Favorites of 2015 (Part Two)!

So, I know I said I’d be covering serums and moisturizers this time but I got ahead of myself…  I use serums much more often than toners.  Serums are a daily use item and toners are an every couple ‘o days item. I use a glycolic toner when I use my glycolic cleanser.  They are skincare buddies really.

To set the record straight I must say that my definition of a toner is a liquid product with a low pH that penetrates the skin to encourage cellular turnover. I consider a toner to contain an acid of some sort even if the pH is more neutral.  Liquids that aim to hydrate I consider to be a lotion or essence or face mist.  These products can be great at quenching thirsty skin and feel wonderful–some even smell fantastic.  Just wanted to clarify.

The one toner I’ve been using on myself this year is the Glycotoner 5% from Sanitas skincare. It works well at exfoliating my skin without irritation or being too drying.  I apply with a cotton round after cleansing.  I’ve been using it near the eye area but not too close (do not use this on your eye lids or get into your eye—it’s an acid people—ie–burny-burny!) I then follow with my eye cream and serum of choice that day–don’t forget sunscreen. My skin is at it’s best when I use the Sanitas exercise and rest routine. Leave any questions about the routine or the products I’ve been using in the comments below. XO Pam

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