Favorites of 2015!

Between now and the end of the year I will be blogging about my favorite products for 2015.  Some will be hair products and fragrance but most will be skincare and makeup–it’s who I am!  Happy Holidays everyone!  It’s been such an exciting year with the opening of my skincare studio. So much love and gratitude. XO

Let’s start with cleansers, shall we?!  I am a HUGE fan of the double cleanse. If you workout, wear sunscreen or wear makeup to work this could be huge for you too. Sunscreens and foundations are formulated to be long lasting and they are hard to remove at the end of the day. In the evening I cleanse with an oil or balm cleanser.  These types of products are amazing at dissolving makeup’s hold on your skin–even waterproof eye makeup ladies!  I’ve tried a few this year.  Honorable mention goes to Julep’s Love Your Bare Face cleansing oil. I smells delish and works well without stripping my skin. It didn’t always do a great job on the eye makeup removal though.  My pick for best is the Soothing Cleansing Oil from Bobbi Brown. It cleansed well, rinsed away well and always removed my makeup. And it’s in limited edition deluxe size right now–sweet deal! It will last you until next year for the limited edition deluxe size offerings. If you have a favorite cleansing oil or balm please share in the comments below.

After the oil cleanse I follow with a gentle, non-foaming cleanser that is formulated for my skin needs.  I don’t always think in terms of skin type because sometimes skin can be bipolar–sometimes drier, sometimes oily and congested, you get the idea.  Welcome to the science of skincare!  My favorite second cleanse is the Lemon Cream Cleanser from Sanitas–a little skincare company out of Louisville, Colorado. I love the smell and feel of the cleanser. I feel clean yet not over cleansed–plump and healthy skin all the way. This is also the cleanser I use in the morning.

Just about every other day I use an acid based cleanser instead of the Lemon Cream Cleanserso I can exfoliate my skin and send fresh, young skin cells to the surface.  This year I’ve been reaching for the Glycolic Citrus Cleanser from Sanitas. It smells fresh and has a low pH (3.8) so it penetrates the skin as our skin has a pH of around 5. With regular use I find my skin staying supple, even toned and keeps from getting congested with clogged pores. When I use the glycolic cleanser I back it up with a glycolic toner that amps up the exfoliation.

Well, these are my favorite cleansers. Next up will be serums and moisturizers. Stay tuned!

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