Have you been mis(t)ing out?

Facial mists are literally taking over the beauty world right now. But is it something we really need?Let’s look at a couple of things to consider before rushing out to buy one.

I’m not gonna lie, I love the idea of a facial mist. Something I can quickly spritz on to plump up my skin and top up my moisture levels is quick and easy. I can boost my hydration levels through the day without making a mess of my makeup–just need to use a light misting.

Looking back over the mists I’ve used I can think of a few guiding factors when I choose a new one. I go for a hydrating mist because it’s good for the entire face. If I want to brighten or treat issues like oil and breakouts I will use a product that I can apply only where needed. Why? Because I don’t to turn my face into a dry and irritated mess.  I also go for a mist that doesn’t drench my face because then I can spritz through out the day without affecting my makeup. Thirdly, I don’t usually go for a mist that is mainly composed of water. Water is drying and really doesn’t do anything for the skin. If it has hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, or glycerin at the top of the ingredient list too then maybe I’ll try it. Fourth, I don’t go for lots of preservatives, colors or added fragrance. Essential oils are fine if you’re not really sensitive. Adding color makes no sense–just color the bottle. And finally, I stay away from mists that contain a lot of witch hazel or alcohol. If you’re sensitive, have dehydrated and/or oily skin this can mess up the works. Both witch hazel and alcohol help the product absorb into the skin but can be drying.  Oily skin will get oilier and dehydrated skin will be more dehydrated—just say no.

With so many options out there it can be perplexing. I say ask your friends, search on YouTube and look up on Sephora. There are lots of reviews to go through. All in all I would definitely recommend adding a facial mist to your daily care routine. So many of my clients come in with surface dryness–when the surface of there skin is dry even if they are oily or dry skin types. Too much foamy cleanser and not enough hydration. Facial mists can boost hydration levels without being heavy or sticky.  I’d love to hear about what you’re using and what products you love!

xo Pam


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