My Top Five Skincare Ingredients: Essential Fatty Acids

In light of the seasonal weather changes we’ve all had this month it’s the right time to share with you my fifth favorite skincare ingredient: EFA’s.  Essential fatty acids aren’t just for eating!  When you apply them to your skin you help prevent water loss and seal in moisture. These special fats are antioxidant rich so they treat your skin with free radical fighting vitamins to prevent collagen break down, sun spot formation and keep wrinkles away. You’ll find EFA’s in nut and seed oils.  Rosehip seed oil has a high concentration of vitamin c to brighten your skin and boost collagen production.  Grapeseed and jojoba oil contain EFA’s and are more hydrating–they absorb well into your skin so you won’t feel greasy.  Try adding a moisturizing serum containing essential fatty acids to your daily skincare routine. Lighter formulations can be used twice daily. Protect and repair simultaneously like the wonder woman you are!

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