My Online Beauty Favo(u)rites.

I have a confession to make…  I love beauty blogs and makeup tutorial videos. There are so many out there.  I’m a busy person so I’m super picky about what makes it onto my watch list. My favorites are Vivianna Does MakeupLily Pebbles, and Lisa Eldridge. Each of these bloggers and vloggers has a strong following and for good reason.  They continually put up relevant, helpful and entertaining content.
Lisa Eldridge is a talented professional makeup artist out of London who has very generously shared many makeup tutorials with her devoted worldwide fan base.  On her website you’ll find pics of her editorial work and covers along with a large collection of user friendly step by step tutorials for all of us “regular” people (aka not makeup artists).
Anna, from Vivianna Does Makeup, is purely authentic and draws you in like a friend.  She started with blogging and has gone on to share videos and vlogs along with her blog posts. While the main focus is beauty, Anna’s blog has evolved like a friendship to include weekly vlogs of her life and some favorite family recipes.  Beauty Chat, a collaboration with Lily Pebbles, led to a traveling Beauty Chat Live event in select SpaceNK stores in the UK this past spring.

Lily Pebbles (yes, it’s her real name…and she’s shared the fun story about it on her website) teams up with Anna to do beauty chats but most of the time she is sharing her own take on beauty and fashion. Her page is beautifully designed with gorgeous photos and lots of helpful tips on makeup, skincare and living in the London area.

Checking out the hours of content from these stellar internet beauty mavens should truly inspire you! But you may want to set a time limit for yourself! (snickers over the time she had to work double time to get cleaning done after spending too much time watching tutorials…)

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