Prep and Prime Your Skin for Summer

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It’s heating up in Coral Springs and South Florida.  It’s not even summer, and all I can think about are the coming sweaty days of July. Soon to come are the days of  sweaty, sticky and over exposed skin and all the troubles that come with it: breakouts, sunburn, irritation, dehydration, and the dreaded dark spot … I’ve decided that I’m not going to complain about this summer.  This time I’m going to prepare for it.  Thus, the creation of the Prep & Prime Facial.

In South Florida summer skin issues can be a pain.  Sweat + heat + humidity + sunscreen + makeup = major headache. So my summer skin rules are as follows:

  1. Always protect your skin from UV exposure.  Even if it’s cloudy–living this close to the equator makes even casual UV exposure pretty potent. Use a sunscreen.  Yes, everyone. There are so many great products available for all price points. Find one you like and use it.
  2. Double cleanse! Oils, sweat, sunscreen and makeup will flee in the face of an oil based cleanser. Yes, even for oily skin. Maybe even more so for oily skin. Destroy the goo and grease and follow up with a creamy, hydrating or gentle cleanser. A couple of times a week I opt for a glycolic or lactic acid cleanser to help my anti-aging pursuits of building collagen and elastin and gently exfoliating away future hyperpigmentation problems.
  3. Fight free radical damage. Vitamin C is something everyone should be using. There are so many things I love about vitamin C.  Firstly it acts as a free radical neutralizer to prevent uv damage during daylight hours.  Using it in the evening will help to repair damage and stimulate collagen production. What I find particularly promising is how vitamin C acts as a tyrosinase inhibitor, preventing hyperpigmentation.
  4. Add ingredients like squalane, hyaluronic acid and naturally derived oils to your daily skincare routine.  Wind, sun and over cleansing can lead to irritation, dehydration and will compromise the barrier function of the skin. These hydrators help maintain the lipid barrier function of your skin, which will help it to fight off all of summer’s trouble makers. Even oily skin needs hydration.  Choose a light formulation and your skin will love it.

Give these rules a go and be sure to share your results. Let’s make our summer skin beautiful.

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