Believe me, you want vitamin C in your skincare

If I’m putting something on my face I want to know why. What is this product going to do for me now and in the future? Why am I spending my hard earned money on it? I’ll spend more for potent active ingredients like Vitamin C.  Just in case you haven’t heard me sing its praises before, let me do it one more time.

Vitamin C protects my skin from photoaging. I’m a freckler. My Nana was a redhead, her father was a redhead… You get the idea. I am not a redhead but I still inherited the freckle factor. When I’m in the sun (in Florida that is ALWAYS) I freckle more, and some of them aren’t those cute little freckles anymore. Sun damage comes in different forms, and this is one of them. When I use it under sunscreen in the morning, Vitamin C attacks free radicals to prevent wrinkles and the forbidden freckle. An ounce of prevention! Hyperpigmentation is hard to conquer, so preventing it is the best route to take.

Vitamin C also promotes cellular turnover which brightens my skin tone as the old outer cells depart and make room for the fresh new ones. Using it daily promotes the cellular life cycle so new and healthy cells are making it up to the surface.

Vitamin C is also a tyrosinase inhibitor which basically means it inhibits production of tyrosinase which then reduces the production of melanin. The forbidden freckle denied, yay!

Vitamin C promotes collagen production. This will help keep that sweet cushion of soft plumpness on your skin.

Vitamin C promotes wound healing and reduces inflammation. This is good for acne issues and the general health of your skin.

I can’t think of a better ingredient to have in my arsenal against aging! Vitamin C is for everyone actually. Think prevention and treatment. Oil-soluble forms, such as L-ascorbyl-6-palmitate are excellent at penetrating the skin to offer cellular level protection. Rosehip oil is a particularly potent natural ingredient as it contains essential fatty acids, as well as vitamins E, C, and A.

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