What I learned Last Month

In the wake of tragedy we learn so much about ourselves and others close to us. On Valentines Day I spent 2 hours catching up with a dear friend over a post peel coffee. I was the peeler and she the peelie.  It was so good to just sit and sip and talk about everything that was going on–kids soon to graduate from high school and our Wind Symphony kids heading to NYC to play at the New York Wind Band Festival at Carnegie Hall. Later that afternoon our lives would change forever.

As anyone with a TV, computer or phone will now know our school suffered a terrible loss and now continues to mourn, celebrate lives lost and attempt to move forward.  One step, one breath, one day at a time our kids amaze me with their resiliency and focus and love for one another. Rivals are now sisters. Friends are now family. Pain is still present and at times it overwhelms but these things, some big and some small, I know for sure:

You never know what someone is going through until you experience it yourself.

Never underestimate the amazing power of cuddling or petting a comfort dog.  Pure love.

Give love and be grateful

Express your grief in any way that does no harm to yourself or others. It’s all ok. Just grieve.

Be patient and kind to yourself.


While I slowly slip back into work mode I appreciate every time I get to bring comfort and health and beauty to one of my clients.  Thank you for your love and support.  xo Pam

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