Why Vitamin C?

Last week a client asked me why Vitamin C is so good for our skin. Vitamin C is one ingredient I use on every client and here is why:

Once in the skin, Vitamin C protects us from free radical formation (future photoaging that results in hyperpigmentation and wrinkles) and supports healthy collagen. By aiding in cellular turnover, our older, aging, damaged skin gets exfoliated away and new, fresh and plump skin comes up to the surface. The result is a fresher, more even tone and texture. Heathy, beautiful and strong skin that’s ready to protect us from the outside world. Vitamin C is one of those ingredients that we should have in our skincare every single day to strengthen our defense against aging and skin disorders.

My favorite form of vitamin c is Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate, a lipophillic form of the Vitamin C for maximum absorption. Our outer layers of skin are largely made up of lipids—aka fatty acids, ceramides and more. A formula that combines with or dissolves in lipids or fats is essential to the deep absorption of Vitamin C.

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